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Blu Bathworks


Blu Bathworks BTDeck840-01M Blu Stone Bathtub Deck-Trey, White Matte 33"X 1/2"X 7 3/4"

blu stone
bathtub deck-trey
Soak in the bathtub in style, surrounded by all your bathing comforts. This 33" seamless blu stone bathtub deck-trey is perfect for wine, coffee, your favorite book or e-reader and leaves plenty of room to store cleansers and cloths.
Crafted from quartzite and bio-resin, blu stone is an exceptionally durable material, which looks and feels like natural stone. It is high-pressure injection molded, anti-microbial & non-porous which will not promote bacteria, mold or fungi. Low maintenance & repairable, blu stone is also stain & scratch resistant.

seamless blu stone bathtub deck-trey
33" x ½" x 7 ¾"
available in matte white finish
coordinates with a range of blu stone bathtubs

Image for reference, see title for color.