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Easy Drain


Easy Drain BOXT-W-30x30x10 ESS T-BOX 12"x 12"(300x300mm) White, tileable

Invisible wall storage
Create your perfect bathroom with the new invisible Container T-BOX. This one of a kind wall niche with tileable door can easily store all your bathroom accessories and has a simple push-to-open door. Any type of wall will look smooth while offering additional storage. These wall niches are available in various dimensions and colours, to find the storage solution that matches your requirements. T-BOX wall niches are developed for application in the wet area and come with the build-in element & sealing set.

Product features

  • Available dimensions " 15×30 / 30×30
  • Easy access " push-to-open door
  • Installation " easy, quick and watertight
  • Installation depth " only 140 mm
  • Material " high-quality stainless steel