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Krugg ElsieS2436 LED Lighted 24"x36" Bath Satin Silver Framed Mirror w/Defogger

Lighted mirrors are becoming more and more prevalent in high-end bathroom layouts. The Elsie reinterprets the aesthetics of design history with its own exclusive and original style, combining the distinctive elements of a modern approach with and a more traditional charm.

Form, use, and proportional aesthetics were all given top priorities when we created the Elsie; every aspect of the mirror serves a beautiful and entirely meaningful purpose nothing is left to chance. Its 60-inch width fits perfectly with many of the most popular vanity and sink configurations, while the 30-inch height gives you plenty of reflection space that doesnt overwhelm the room. The LED strip is minimalistic, aesthetically proportional , and helps showcase the intricate design of the mirror.

Our backlit construction provides stunning 6500 Kelvin daylight color, perfect for makeup application, facial grooming, and other personal needs. Treading the line between technology and magic, the Elsie gives you a glimpse into the future: with an LED that provides 50,000 hours or more simply, a lifetimes worth of energy efficient light, you will never have to worry about changing any batteries or bulbs. Speaking of all things magical, the Elsie line uses only the finest 5mm silver-backed mirrors from the worlds top glass makers, and this elemental touch of precious metal provides the clearest, non-distorted, picture-perfect reflection.

When visual clarity and minute precision are the main focus of what we do, no detail can be too small, and all our mirrors go through a rigorous 10-point inspection process prior to being securely packed and readied for transportation. We use the exclusive Krugg Three-Step packaging process that protects from all the potential dangers of transport including weather, human error, and poor road conditions, utilizing the most Eco-friendly and biodegradable packing materials possible.

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