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Krugg Vetro LED Lighted 32"x24" Bath Mirror with Glass Frame

The Vetro: A True Krugg Original

We only cater to the most unique, the most individual, and the most one-of-a-kind customers. In designing The Vetro, we created not just a stunning product to match their originality, we created an all new terminology as well.

This distinctive piece every bit as artistic as a fine painting perfectly encapsulates everything that fascinates us with mirrors: a beautiful piece of glass or vetro in Italian that provides a new perspective, a way of looking deep within ourselves. Framed with rounded corners and an alluring curve, a halo of light emanates from the inner mirror to the glass surround in order to elicit a feeling of pure, individual, attention.

We call this feelingIn-Vetro-Spection: an individual encounter with oneself which allows for the personal and total examination of mind and spirit. This immersive and completely unique experience comes with the knowledge that a mirror this beautiful was created to not only reflect one's outward appearance, but one's inner beauty as well.
Quite simply, The Vetro is where captivating originality meets harmony with surroundings. Kind of like our customers..