Vonn Lighting


Vonn VMC32410AL 55" LED Chandelier, Multi-Ring Adjustable Hanging Light, Modern Chandelier Lighting, Capella Collection Silver

Product Inspiration:
Gaze into the night sky and youll find your eyes resting on Capella, the brightest star in the constellation Auriga. The Capella collection by VONN is inspired by this unique and rare celestial body sharing the same spectral colors of our sun. The multi-ring design and the LED diode array placement (on the interior of the rings) creates a sense of purpose and harmony as the eyes travel the contours of the fixture.

Product Features:
  • LED: On-board LED system is integrated into the fixture
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Five-ring modern LED chandelier with indirect, interior glow, and outward finished-aluminum face
  • ADJUSTABLE: Cable locking pins allow the suspension height to be easily changed post-install
  • DIMMABLE: Full dimming, 0.01% to 100%, on silicon-based dimmer switches such as Lutron Skylark
  • SOFT WHITE: 3000 Kelvin color temperature, the same as halogen bulbs
  • HIGH-OUTPUT: 3882 lumens, roughly the same as five 60 watt incandescent bulbs
  • EFFICIENCY: 71 watts total consumption, 0.071kWh
  • DRY LOCATION: ETL listed and approved for dry locations (kitchen is okay)
  • VOLTAGE: Operates on standard 120 line voltage; a separate transformer is not required

  • Product Technologies and Benefits:
  • PEARLPURE DIODE ARRAYS: Brilliant, full-bodied white light with high color rendering
  • CONTINUU DRIVER: Responds to the needs of the diodes as they age
  • VOPTICS DIFFUSERS: Engineered prismatic lenses diffuse light evenly across a wide angle
  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY: Fixture and LED system are covered for as long as you own your home.

  • Product Specifications:
  • LENGTH: 55.12 inches
  • DEPTH: 27.95 inches
  • OVERALL HEIGHT: MIN: 31.49 inches, MAX: 121.85 inches
  • CANOPY DIMENSIONS: 11.02 inches x 11 inches
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