Environmental Water Systems


Environmental Water Systems RU500T35w/BP-UV Reverse Osmosis Undercounter Filtration Units Five Stage Series with Booster Pump

Reverse Osmosis Undercounter Filtration Units Five Stage Series with Booster Pump for Heavy Sediment, High TDS and/or Particulate Water

Five stage 35 GPD TFC membrane for unusually heavy sediment, high total dissolved solids (TDS), and/ or particulate well water. Three stages to protect and filter prior to the TFC membrane. Post filter for polish after membrane prior to storage tank. Booster pump provides adequate pressure to the feed water, in order that, the system works properly under these circumstances.

Available with or without UV module.

All units meet or complies with NSF Standards 42, 58 and 55 with UV option.

* Safeguards and Kills Bacteria, Viral, E-Coli and other Microorganisms (with UV option)
* Reduces Total Dissolved Solids, Minerals and Inorganics
* Reduces Lead and Cysts (Cryptosporidium and Giardia)
* Reduces Dirt, Sediment and Rust (additional filtration for more extreme conditions) * Improves Taste, Clarity and Odors
* Removes Chlorine and VOC s
* Replaces Costly Bottled Water
* Better Tasting, Filtered Water for Coffee, Tea, Juices and Ice

* Installs Easily at Any Sink, Wet Bar or Any Point of Use Location
* Can be Cross-Connected (if applicable) to Refrigerators, Ice Makers and Other Devices**
* For All Your Drinking and Cooking Needs
* Faucet with Chrome, Lead-Free Dispenser
* Powder Coated, Corrosive Resistant Bracket Mounts Easily
* Quick Connect Fittings for Easy Installation
* Easy to Use Membrane Housing and 10 Heavy Duty Filter Housings Contain our Full Sized Cartridges for Optimum Performance and Longer Life
* Replacing Filters is Easy; Use the Included Spanner Wrench to Spin Housing Off, Replace Filter, Spin Housing Back On

All completely assembled reverse osmosis systems include the following standard features: White 10 housing with filtration cartridges, spanner wrench to open housings for easy filter replacement, easy to use membrane housing, chrome, lead-free faucet with white trim (with air gap adaptor) for dispensing water, self-piercing saddle valve for water line connection with shut-off valve (see service guide for your correct application), all necessary tubing (color coded) to make proper connections, simple to use mounting bracket, UV lamp and setup (UV unit only),pump (booster pump units only), drain saddle and bladder tank, complete service guide with installation and use instructions.

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