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Blu Bathworks


Blu Bathworks LW6020A Metrix dual-flush wall-mount rimless toilet

0.8/1.6G (3/6L) dual-flush wall-mount rimless toilet
New metrix rimless wall-mount toilet is the ultimate bathroom innovation, providing the highest levels of cleanliness with an open rim that gives germs nowhere to hide and allows for easy care.
metrix dual-flush toilet is efficient, with a low consumption volume of only 0.8gpf/1.6gpf. The flushing system flushes around the entire toilet bowl to effectively clear away any residue.
Its minimalist, timeless design with skirted styling allows for flexible incorporation into any bathroom environment, while its elongated bowl provides added comfort. metrix compact water closet also saves space while its adjustable height makes it suitable for universal design.
Coordinate with new ultra slim duroplast quick-release seat and metrix wall-mount bidet.
  • 3/6 litre (0.8/1.6 G) dual flush, in-wall tank, wall-mount, rimless toilet
  • 21" L x 14" W x 13" H
  • Rimless design ensures easy cleaning with a quick cloth wipe and no rim shadow ensures the bowl looks cleaner and shinier
  • The flushing system effectively clears away any residue
  • WaterSense & CalGreen compliant
  • For 2x4 walls, recommend
  • Geberit in-wall carrier: 111.798.00.1 (not included):
  • Grohe in-wall carrier: Rapid SL 38996000 (not included)
  • recommend Geberit actuator plate (not included)
  • LSeat-004 & LSeat-slim soft-closing, quick release duroplast seat & lid available
  • Coordinating bidet LB9020
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