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Blue Angel


Blue Angel F33SS 1/3 HP Sump Pump , Pre-Assembled Back-Up and Primary System

This 1/3 HP Blue Angel battery backup sump pump system delivers performance and protection. The F33SS comes pre-built and ready to install. It is assembled in the USA for performance that lasts. The system contains a SSF33CIS primary pump, a F12V back up pump, and Smart Charging battery box. The system is designed to deliver dependable performance - warrantied for 3 years. Able to pump up to 4,600 gallons per hour without the worry of clogs or Air Lock thanks to its top suction design.

F33S Included - 1/3 HP - Max Flow 68 GPM: 60 GPM @ 5

Assembled in the US with foreign and domestic parts
Tested to 1 million cycles* (Primary only)
Cast Iron Pump Housing/Base withTop Suction Intake to Filter Debris and Minimize Clogging
Corrosion-Resistant Thermoplastic Engineered Flow Divertor, for Switch Protection
Stainless Steel Upper and Lower Float Guard and Float Guide
Corrosion-Resistant Thermoplastic Impeller for Maximum Water Flow, and Long Life in Tough Sump Applications.
1-1/2 in. NPT Discharge for Easy Installation and Compliance with Building Codes
Engineered to Pass Up to 1/2 in. Solids
For Use In 11 in. Diameter or Larger Sump Basins
10 ft. SJTW Power Cord
Two-Pole Snap-Action Integrated Mechanical Float Switch
ON @ 9 in. / OFF @ 4 in.
Carbon / Ceramic Shaft Seal for Maximum Life
120 Volt, PSC Oil-Filled Motor
Upper and Lower Ball Bearings for Smooth, Quiet Operation and Long Life
Continuous Duty Capability
Low Amp Draw for Maximum Switch Life

F12V Included - 12 VDC - Max Flow 55 GPM: 47 GPM @ 5
Fully Submersible Back Up Pump, for An Easy Addition To Any Sump System
Corrosion-Resistant Thermoplastic Construction for Long Life in Tough Sump Applications
Corrosion-Resistant Thermoplastic Impeller for Maximum Water Flow
Protective Battery Case Included with LED Display and Audible Alarm to Let Homeowner Know There s a Problem
1-1/2 in. NPT Discharge for Easy Installation and Compliance with Building Codes
For Use In 14 in. Diameter or Larger Sump Basins
Reliable Reed Float Switch with Float Cage for Added Protection
ON / OFF Levels are User Adjustable
Powerful 12 VDC Motor, with Pumping Capacity
that Nearly Matches an AC Powered Pump
* WAYNE Water Systems Exceed an Average 1 Million Test Cycles.
WAYNE Water Systems is proud to report that our pumps have exceeded an average life of 1 million pumping cycles during rapid cycle test conditions. The testing was conducted by a nationally recognized, independent accredited testing laboratory and the results were subsequently analyzed by an independent, world renowned, reliability expert who specializes in failure analysis. The rapid cycle testing was conducted using a statistically significant sample size of 1/2 HP submersible sump pumps. Note: a highly accelerated test such as this may or may not reflect actual conditions that the homeowner would experience.
    Discharge Head 5' 10' 15' 20'
    Gallons/Minute 60 48 36 14

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