Chicago Faucets


Chicago Faucet 1301-GN2BVBE7-909C Laboratory Fitting


Model #: 1301-GN2BVBE7-909C
  • Ball Valve with Check
  • E7TC - Full Flow Laboratory Serrated Nozzle
  • Lever Handle with GAS Index Button
  • 1301-SB1K - Shank Assembly
  • Secondary Control Valve
    • E7 - Full Flow Laboratory Serrated Nozzle
    • 204-CW - Vandal Proof 2-1/2" Cross Handle, Eight-Point Tapered Broach
    • 217-XT - Slow Compression Operating Cartridge
  • May Be Used with Most Laboratory Gases
  • Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker, Not Intended for Continuous Pressure Applications
  • Chrome Plate Finish
  • 909 Valve is Certified for Gas Service per ANSI Z21.15b-2006/CSA 9.1b-2006 by the Canadian Standards Association
  • Weight: 5.500lbs