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Chicago Faucet 131-FMABRCF Thermostatic Mixing Valve, Flush Mode

Thermostatic Mixing Valve, Flush MODE

Model #: 131-FMABRCF
  • Installs between the stop valves and the faucet for single or multiple faucet installations
  • Includes Pipe Flush Mode for high temperature system flushing used in thermal disinfection
  • Adjustment cap with locking feature
  • Integral inlet check valves to protect against cross-flow
  • Thermostatic wax element; thermostat controls both hot and cold water
  • Brass body construction with corrosion-resistant internal components, includes plastic wall bracket
  • Standard 3/8" compression inlets and outlet
  • Minimum supply pressure: 30psi (207 kPa); Hot inlet temperature: 100 F-180 F (38 C-82 )
  • Outlet water temperature will be less than hot water inlet temperature
  • Minimum Flow Rate: 0.35 gpm (@ min. 20 psi)
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 4.6 gpm (@ min. 125 psi)
  • Temperature Out: 80 F to 120 F (27 C to 49 C)
  • Rough Chrome Finish
  • ECAST construction with equal to or less than 0.25% lead content by weighted average
  • Weight: 1.242lbs