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Chicago Faucets


Chicago Faucet 831-PVDF Wall Mounted Recirculating Water Faucet


Model #: 831-PVDF
Black handle with white marker and black "DI" text per SEFA code recommended practice No. 7 for DI Water Applications
Inlet x Outlet 3/8 NPT Female Thread
All virgin natural PTFE wetted fluid path
Needle valve activation at point of use
Simplified installation of recirculation module
All components designed for extreme industrial environments
FDA, USDA, and USP standards are either met and/or exceeded
Ultra smooth internal flow path
Unique heavy wall construction
Control valve offers easy open / close valve, 120 degree rotation full flow to closed
PTFE sealed, encapsulated PTFE shut off seal for unlimited life
Control valve is completely renewable by replacing the internal cartridge, per SEFA 7-2010-8.2a
Positive stop at off position
Exceptional low torque on/off operation
Recirculating Laboratory Faucet is designed to provide a continual fluid flow to the point of use to eliminate the inherent dead leg.
Weight: 3.000lbs