Chicago Faucets


Chicago Faucet 929-E22CP Laboratory Sink Faucet


Model #: 929-E22CP
E22 - In-Line Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker
204-PR - Vandal Proof 2-1/2" Cross Handle, Eight-Point Tapered Broach
217-XT - Slow Compression Operating Cartridge
3/8" Compression Flexible Stainless Steel Supply Hoses
Dual Check Vacuum Breakers for Laboratory Faucets are used for noncontinuous pressure, health hazard, applications and are backsiphonage backflow preventers. This series is specially made for laboratory faucets where portable hoses can be attached and prevent the flow of contaminated water back into the potable water supply. These vacuum breakers can be installed on new or existing faucets without plumbing changes.
Chrome Plate Finish
Weight: 6.325lbs