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Enclume DR23 HS Compact Scrolled Rack--New!! Hammered Steel

DR23 HS Compact Scrolled Rack-Hammered Steel Finish. One of our newest Decor ceiling pot racks, this compact and decorative scrolled (count them, eight in all) unit was specifically designed for tighter, close-to-wall or corner spaces. Only 30 long, but a workhorse with five hanging bars. Easily hang a 10-piece cookware set here, and have room left for utensils! Superior Hot rolled steel construction of this royal design along with Enclume's signature "hammered steel" finish with a protective acrylic coating add lasting value. Fast, simple installation with exclusive "Toggler" anchors. Install toggle instantly in drywall. No extra joists or studs needed for easy setup and installation. All hardware necessary for assembly and installation is included and this rack comes with 6 long pot (EPHS) hooks and 6 short hooks (DRPH). 5 year Limited Warranty. Hand wrought by skilled craftsmen and proudly made in the USA. Shipping Weight:12 lbs. Dimensions: 30"L x 12"W x 20"H.