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Enclume PR2wg HS Dutch Crown w/ Grid Hammered Steel

PR2wg HS Dutch Crown with Grid - Hammered Steel Finish. If you've got a smaller kitchen, this beautiful round variation can be its "crowning touch". Superior Hot rolled steel construction of this royal design along with Enclume's signature "hammered steel" finish with a protective acrylic coating add lasting value. Fast, simple installation with exclusive "Toggler" anchors. Install toggle instantly in drywall. No extra joists or studs needed. Mounts from a single hook for easy setup and installation. All hardware necessary for assembly and installation is included and this rack comes with 12 angled pot hooks and 6 straight hooks. 5 year Limited Warranty. Hand wrought by skilled craftsmen and proudly made in the USA. Shipping Weight:21 lbs. Dimensions: 20"D x 21"H Trademark Reg. No 2,333,932