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Icera CS-20.01 Muse Integrated Toilet With IWash Bidet Seat Top

• High-performance, siphon jet flush system (1.28 gallons per flush)
• Open bowl rim - easy maintenance with superior bowl cleaning performance
• 12" Rough-In
• Compact-elongated bowl
• Meets the ADA Guidelines 
• 16-1/2" to rim - Chair-Height 
• Antimicrobial MicroGlaz finish 
• (L) 27-1/8" x (W) 15-7/8" x (H) 21-1/4"
• Remote-control operated (illuminated remote and magnetic wall-mount included)
• Instant unlimited heated water
• Front, rear and oscillating wash with adjustable pressure and temperature
• Heated seat with adjustable temperature
• Warm air dryer with adjustable temperature
• Automatic and manual flush options
• In-bowl LED nightlight
• Deodorizer
• Two user presets
• Two power-saving modes