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Legrand ADWR1103HW4 Adorne Whisper Dimmer, 1100W (Incandescent, Halogen) White

An innovative cross between a traditional toggle and a paddle switch, this reinvented dimmer appeals to designers for its classic lines and fluid, whisper-soft motion that dims and brightens lights to your desired levels.Wall plate not included.*The wattage of your bulbs must not exceed tthe wattage of the dimmer switch
  • This dimmer switch is available in 700 watt and 1100 watt options. To determine what option is right for you, make sure the wattage of you bulbs matches the wattage of the dimmer switch by multiplying the number of bulbs by their respective wattage. For example, if you have a chandelier with 11 bulbs at 100 watts each, you would need the 1100 watt dimmer switch.
  • Select a single dimmer to control one light or pair it with a second switch and conveniently control the light from two locations.
  • Supports incandescent and halogen bulbs and single-pole/3-way operation
  • Easy "1-for-1" snap-in installation lets you upgrade your existing 1100W dimmer to adorne in just minutes.
  • Innovative assembly fits into your existing electrical box and no new wires are required for typical installation.
  • Pair your Whisper Dimmer with the adorne Whisper Switch or smart add-on accessories like the adorne Accent Nightlight to complete youur designer=style look.
  • Further customize your look with adorne wall paltes in a brilliant palette of dozens of colors and a variety of luxurious materials.
  • Height: 4.2
  • Width: 2.51
  • Depth: 1.77
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