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Little Giant Pumps


Little Giant Pump 513300 GR-1-1/4, GUIDE RAIL SYSTEM

For over 70 years professionals in the water transfer market have trusted the Little Giant brand for its reliable pump solutions, packaged system options, accessories, and total value. With a vast offering of sump, sewage, effluent products; dewatering and trash pumps; condensate pumps; magnetic drive pumps; low pressure sewer systems; water garden products and a wide variety of utility pumps, Little Giant is the brand of choice to hundreds of thousands worldwide representing Franklin's commitment to quality, innovation, availability, and service.

For installations with a total depth of over 5 ft
(1.5 m) when the discharge pipe is 18" (46 cm)
or more below grade, particularly when the
liquid level is above the discharge level*
3/4" (19 mm) IPS (iron pipe size) pipe rails should
be used on the 1-1/4" (31.7 mm) and 2" (51 mm)
system and 1-1/4" (31.7 mm) IPS pipe rail on the
3" (76 mm) system
Brass foot guide supplied for use with steel pipe
Guide rail brackets and steel stand-off brackets included with each
system to support the upper end of the guide rail pipes
One intermediate guide rail bracket is required for every 10 ft (3 m) of
rail (guide rail pipes, lifting chain, and pull rod not included)