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Restoria Duchess 68" Double Slipper Acrylic Clawfoot Bath Tub

100% Made in USA
The original idea behind Restoria bathtubs, creating a durable acrylic bathtub in the spirit of the clawfoot Victorian bath, has evolved into a multi-stage proprietary crafting process. Beginning with handmade molds, each Restoria bathtubs feature subtle variations in texture and character. Like their owners, each Restoria is unique. Each Restoria is also remarkably strong. Restoria tubs are engineered to withstand over 1,100 lbs. of pressure. In addition to being a fraction of the weight of cast-iron tubs, Restoria bathtubs heat up faster, stay warm longer, are easier to clean, more germ resistant, and hold their shine better over time.
All bathtubs we sell under the Restoria name have a lifetime limited warranty which covers defects in the acrylic and fiberglass that cause the bathtub to be unsuitable for use.

Nothing addsstyle and grace toa bathroom likean antique-stylebathtub. Thegraceful curves, elegant dimensions, andsturdy craftsmanship harken back to a timeof simple pleasures and exquisite taste.Restoria antique bathtub replicationsbring this personality and style back into themodern bathroom.The Restoria difference Old-fashionedelegance without the old-fashioned inconveniencesassociated with antique tubs.

Restoria tubs are molded from acrylic reinforced with fiberglass. This meansthat in addition to their elegant looks,Restoria tubs are strong and muchlighter than conventional cast-irontubs.
Because of our unique hand-crafting process, each Restoria unit featuresoutside texture and character marksthat are slightly different just as wasthe case with authentic cast-iron clawfootbathtubs.
Restoria tubs are crafted from an acrylic shell. When filled with hotwater, your bath stays warmer longer,for a more relaxing, enjoyable experience.
Specially designed cast-iron claw feet or molded intensified resin cast clawfeet are included with each Restoriaunit. The feet may be chrome,brush nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, orpainted to suit the individual s particulartaste.
Restoria tubs are available in three colors: white, bone, and biscuit * Please allow additional 2 to 3 weeks shipping for Bone and Biscuit finish