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Thompson Traders


Thompson Traders CASG-BRN Hammered Nickel Chakra Handcrafted Brushed Nickel 18 Gauge Hammered Nickel Lifetime Finish

Hammered Nickel Chakra
Coordinating Drain Available
Easy To Clean and Maintain - Will Not Patina
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Hand Hammered Highly Durable Nickel Finish
The perfect complement to nickel hardware and silver-toned decor, our Hammered Nickel Chakra sink makes a statement in style. Both contemporary and stylish, its one-of-a-kind look is unrivaled.
Item Number: CASG-BRN
Finish: Hammered Nickel
Categories: Limited Editions Bath
Dimensions: Outer 19 x 16 3/4 inches, Inner 19 x 16 3/4 inches rectangle, Depth 4 inches
Finish and Dimensions May Vary Slightly due to Hand-made Nature of Product
Mounting Options
Partial Drop-in or Vessel Mount Bath Sink
Coordinating Drains Available
Flower style non-over flow grid drain Brushed Nickel
Dome shaped soft-touch pop-up drain Brushed Nickel