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About OS&B
Company Overview
OS&B®, founded in 1975, is a leading Manufacturer and Distributor of Plumbing Products. Located in Oakville Ontario, OS&B® is Canada’s largest manufacturer and Distributor of Bath Wastes, Lavatory Drains, Tub & Shower and various other Plumbing parts.

OS&B® services the Wholesale and Retail Industries. We also manufacture for and supply to some of the largest OEM brands in the world offering in-house product design and testing in order to address specific needs and requirements. Exclusive trademarks of OS&B® include Clicker™, Cable-Drive® and Fill&Drain™.

OS&B® has earned a reputation for offering innovative and high quality products at competitive prices. Our products come in many of today’s most popular finishes, including Brushed Nickel, Pearl Nickel and Venetian Bronze.

Why buy from OS&B®?

We have over 40 years of experience supplying the plumbing industry.
Our dedication to Service and Quality.
We are Innovators and Leaders in the industry.
We have the Products and the Finishes you need to get the job done.
OSB ITD35 ABS ISLAND TUB DRAIN $125.00 $233.25
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OSB ITD5135 PVC ISLAND TUB DRAIN $131.50 $233.25
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OSB ID357 Cast Iron Island Tub Drain Testable Rough-in for Freestanding Bath Tubs $199.00 $261.24
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