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SIDLER® International Ltd. Mirrored Medicine Cabinets embody Swiss quality design
with the details and innovation of a high luxury product. The SIDLER ‘Swiss”
standard of craftsman and design is the approach in the manufacturing of our
mirrored medicine cabinet collection.

With over 60 years of dedication and perseverance, SIDLER Mirrored Medicine
Cabinets can be best described in Swiss German as Leidenschaft; which means

Leidenschaft is abundant in each of the individuals of the SIDLER team who play a
role in creating our high quality, innovative and luxurious mirrored medicine
cabinets. SIDLER’s continued dedication and passion is evident in the love of detail,
practical and functional design, innovation and quality.

When a company values dedicated workmanship and high-quality craftsmanship
where everyone is working in unison towards the same goal; it is no coincidence
SIDLER is the one of the largest manufacturers of mirrored medicine cabinets in

SIDLER Mirrored Medicine Cabinets’ luxury design is light, airy, atmospheric and
high quality offering practical storage solutions, making it a consumer market
leader in Switzerland and North America. Our elegant, customized designs combine
modern simplicity, and authenticity to create a unique design aesthetic to fit and
compliment any home or building development project.

Embrace the excitement of SIDLER Mirrored Medicine Cabinets as your preferred
luxury design solution!



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