Environmental Water Systems


Environmental Water Systems T-M/GAC1354 assembled tank and replacement filter media for CWL-1354

CWL Media Replacement Kits with Tanks

  • No assembly required " media replacements kits with tanks come ready to go
  • Tank comes with brand new 10-year warranty
  • 100% pure granular activated carbon (GAC) " no silver impregnation, no metal resins, no fillers
  • Proprietary GAC is the highest grade and highest iodine rating available
  • Removes and reduces chlorine, VOCs, THMs, pesticides, pharmaceutical residues, and much more
  • Meets or exceeds all FDA, NSF, ANSI, and California State standards and compliances

CWL Replacement Kits w/ Tanks Item Numbers

  • T-M/GAC1035 " in use with CWL-1035
  • T-M/GAC1054 " in use with CWL-1054
  • T-M/GAC1354 " in use with CWL-1354-1, HF, and 1 1/2
  • T-M/GAC1665 " in use with CWL-1665
  • T-M/GAC-SPECTRUM " in use with CWL Spectrum

True Protection From Toxic Contaminants.

World-class EWS water filtration and performance for the removal of chlorine, chloramine, pesticides, THMs, VOCs, obesogens, pharmaceutical residues, and much more. The CWL Series offers real protection against dangerous contaminants and provides delicious, odor-free water for your entire home " all with just one system.

Made in the USA. Maintenance-free for up to 10 years before filter replacement (based on your local water conditions and usage).